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Joe Porper Prik Stik  -   14 Left

Joe Porper Tip Burnisher  -  12 Left

Joe Porper Hexagon Shaper/Tacker  -  9 Left
Level Best 10 Cue Floor Racks

Classic Oak   -   25 Left

Black   -   10 Left

Cinnamon   -   38   Left
We still have many Forstmann pre-cuts left
at a deeply discounted price. Most are for 7'
tables, but there are some bolts if you need a larger precut. Some of the colors are: Buff,
Rose, Olive, Celadon, Charcoal, Slate Blue,
Plum, Paprika, Gold, Copper, Mustard.
Call For Pricing       866-780-7280
Level Best Platinum Accessory Kits

Honey Maple   -   4 Left

Classic Oak   -   3 Left
Level Best 10 Cue Corner Racks

Honey Maple   -   2 Left

Classic Oak   -   1 Left
New and in stock!  We have had many requests for backed cloth in Red and Burgundy. Good news. Billiard Wholesalers now stocks our backed Match 202 in five popular colors  - Basic Green, Tournament Green, Electric Blue, Red and Burgundy.
Buy precuts or bolts. All precuts are shipped rolled so there will be no fold creases to deal with. Backed Match 202 is a tightly woven, finely sheared, fast cloth in a 20 oz. 75/25 blend that allows for good playability while giving the added durability from the lightweight backing.
Billiard Wholesalers is now a distributor for Ridgeback Rails. Find out more here.