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1 Hit Wonder .....
We've all heard them over the years. A band comes out with a chart-topping hit never to be heard of again.  Well we have our own "1 Hit Wonder" billiard cloth. 

Billiard Wholesalers bought 3000 yards of billiard cloth from a dealer that was going out of business. We bought it right and we are passing this good deal onto our customers. Use your dealer password and click here for more info.
That's right! Our customers can now order their billiard supplies on any day at any time from our new on-line store. Just click the blue button above to be taken to the Billiard Wholesalers Store. After registering and setting up your account, you'll be able to conveniently order your supplies with a couple mouse clicks.

IMPORTANT NOTICE  When placing an order online, you will notice that the shipping charges are not available. Since the shopping cart software is not capable of determing the number of boxes for your order, you may be over or under billed for the shipping charges. Plus, there is no way to add insurance to any orders over $100. Therefore, when your order is ready to ship, we will run your credit card for the shipping only.
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New Q Claw Colors....
We now stock the Q Claws in red, blue, pink, green, orange and purple plus the black in all three sizes. These would make great gifts for the pool player in your family!
Iwan Simonis has announced new prices effective immediately. The new prices are current in our on-line dealer's catalog.
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We now have two new styles of cue racks in stock.Both are available in five different stains - oak, mahogany, black, maple and walnut.
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