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"We have developed a reputation for excellence through the high quality of service we provide for our customers."
Welcome to Billiard Wholesalers. Billiard Wholesalers supplies fabric, table repair parts, tools, and billiard accessories to retailers, vendors and billiard rooms throughout the United States. Billiard Wholesalers believes in offering competitive pricing backed up with great service.
Selling on-line? 

If so, then click the "MAP Pricing" button to get the current MAP for your website. These prices are for everyone who sells on the internet and must be adhered to. In the long run it means a better profit for all.
Billiard Wholesalers does not sell to the general public. We are a true wholesaler and only sell to retail stores, pool rooms, pool table mechanics, vending companies, bars, etc. Please have your state tax ID number ready when setting up your account. If you do not have a tax ID number for your state or your state does not have a state sales tax, please call 866-780-7280 to set up an account.
Our customers can now order their billiard supplies on any day at any time from our new on-line store. Just click the red and yellow button above to be taken to the Billiard Wholesalers Store. After registering and setting up your account, you will be able to conveniently order your supplies with a couple mouse clicks.
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Rising Costs
Due to price increases from our mill, extremely high shipping costs and rising labor costs we are forced into a price increase on all styles of ProLine cloth. In the past two years we have absorbed several cloth price increases from our mill without any raises to our customers. However, with another recent increase we are forced to do so.

  This increase will be in effect as of Thur. 
                         April 13,2023
Billiard Wholesalers has moved to a new, larger location as of March 13th 2023.
                               All correspondence should be sent to:
                                             Billiard Wholesalers
                                             7920 14th St. West
                                             Rock Island, IL  61202
                 All email accounts and phone numbers will remain the same.