Tools & Table Supplies
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2044 Long Wood Wedges   

Used for shimming slate. Made from maple hardwood.
L. 6" x W. 1/2" x H. 5/16"
2050 Small Wood Wedges, Bag of 50  
2052 Small Wood Wedges, Bag of 100  

Used for shimming slate. Made from maple hardwood.
L. 2" x W. 1/2" x H. 5/16"
2054 Flat Shims, Bundle of 50   

Wood floor shims. 3 1/4" x 4" and only 1/32" thick.
3" Rubber Flat Shims

Non-slip leveling rubber shims that are easily cut for custom installations. Keeps your billiard table level and secure even on hardwood floors.

2080 1/32" thick, bag of 50 2082 1/16" thick, bag of 50  
2084 1/8" thck, bag of 50 2086 1/4" thick, bag of 25  
2056 Wood Featherstrips

Feather strips are used on non-tavern tables to help attach billiard cloth on the top of rails. 54" x 1/4" x 5/16" very clean basswood strips. Set of 6
2055 Rubber Featherstrip

Available in 27 ft. package. Enough to do a 9 ft. or smaller table. Also available by the foot.
6108 Tweeten Fibre Block

Used to pound featherstrips into rails without damaging or cracking the wood.
1050 1 lb. 100% Pure Beeswax 1051 1 oz. 100% Pure Beeswax

Used to fill the seams on a three piece slate table. Available in
1lb. bar or 1oz. bar.
5001 Duo-Fast Stapler Model EWC-5018A

Drives fine wire, 1/2" crown staples. Side loading magazine holds 84 staples. Weighs only 4lb., 3oz.
Staples, 5000/box

Galvanized wide crown (1/2") chisel point staples. Use with Duo-Fast 5000 Series Staplers; CS-5000, DWS-5020, Sure Shot 5020 and EWC-5018A

5002 1/4" Duo-Fast Staples 5003 5/16' Duo-Fast Staples
5004 3/8" Duo-Fast Staples 5006 1/2" Value Staple

5008 Crain Staple Puller

Make short work of removing those old staples with the economically priced Crain Staple Remover. The comfortable handle and curved design add to the ease of use.
5009 Berry Staple Puller

Used for pulling staples out of bed cloth, rail cloth and pockets.
6116 Adjustable Fork Bit

This adjustable fork bit is made especially for replacing or removing antique round head rail bolts. 
7005 Cloth Puller

Save some wear and tear on your fingers with this great cloth puller. Really usefull when working with worsted fabrics that do not have much stretch.
6106 Tefco Master Spots, Tin of 12 Spots

New spots are self-adhesive. No more licking or curling.
5020 Roll of 100 Spots
L. S. Starrett Machinist Level

5010 6" Level
5011 12" Level
5012 18" Level
Replacement Tube/Plug Assembly for L. S. Starrett Machinist Level

5010B 6" Replacement Tube/Plug Assembly
5011B 12" Replacement Tube/Plug Assembly
5012B 18" Replacement Tube/Plug Assembly
Wood Case for L. S. Starrett Level

5011A Case For 12" Level
5012A Case For 18" Level