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P-G30590-A01 Honey Pocket with Honey Fringe
P-G30620-A01 Honey Pocket with Honey Shield
P-G30590-A06 Dark Brown Fringe Pockets
P-G30620-A06 Dark Brown Shield Pockets
P-G30590-C01 Oak Pocket with Multi-color Fringe

This is a beautiful pocket on a oak or walnut table
P-G30620-C01 Oak Style Pocket with Oak Look Shield
P-G30590-CF2 Cordovan Fringe Pocket
P-G30620-CS1 Cordovan Shield Pocket
P-G30590-B04 Black Fringe Pockets
P-G30620-B04 Black Shield Pockets
3005 Leather Drop Pocket

Black only
‚Äč3050 Solid Molded Black Pocket with Bosse
3006 Plastic Web Pockets

Pockets measure 6 3/4" deep