Cue Tips & Cue Maintenance
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LePro Cue Tips, Box of 50

6091 10.5mm     6092 11mm    6093 11.5mm    6094 12mm
6095 12.5mm     6096 13mm    6097 13.5mm    6096 14.5mm     6097 15mm
Elk Master Cue Tips, Box of 50

6082 11mm     6084 12mm     6086 13mm     6088 14mm
Slip-on Tips, Box of 100

Available in 12mm, 12.5mm, 13mm,13.5mm & 14mm
6110 Rapid Cue Top Sander
6111 Garnet Disk Refill Pack

This tool is used when retipping your cue. After removing the old tip, the sander clamps onto your shaft and allows you to perfectly sand off the residual leather and glue, properly preparing the ferrule for the new tip.
6118 Home Repair Kit

The Tweeten Home Repair Kit contains cement, cue tips, a tip clamp, cue top sander, scuffer, chalk, spots, backers, and more! 
6112 Tweeten Plastic Topper
6114 Plastic Cue Clamp 
Willard's Tip Shaper

This popular shaper comes in two sizes: a .415 in. radius (nickel) and a .358 in. radius (dime).
1091 Cue Cube Clam Shell

This shaper/scuffer has become so popular that the name Cue Cube is used to describe all cue shapers on the market. But only a genuine Cue Cube provides you with dual function. One side shapes the cue tip to a perfect radius. The other side scuffs the tip to hold the chalk and prevent miscues.
1094 Combo Pack

Cue Cube and Shaft Slicker packaged together provides you with what you need to take care of your wood cue.
1095 Shaft Slicker

It is made of soft high quality genuine leather on one side and a cleaning pad on the other side. The gentle, not abrasive cleaning side removes the dirt and oils that accumulate on the cue from repeated use. After cleaning, the specially treated soft natural leather smoothes the shaft for a perfect stroke. 
1096 8 Ball Cue Cube Card of 12
1093C Colored Cue Cube w/keychain, Card of 18
1092 Original Cue Cube Card of 25
​6100 Tweeten Metal Tip Trimmer
6102 Tweeten Plastic Tip Trimmer
6104 Refills, Pack of 10
1079 Tip Pik with Cap and Key Ring

Available in either red or blue
1048 Karseal Q Cloth

This specially treated cloth helps eliminate abrasive cleaning and sanding of
your cue. For use on wood shafts only. Available in assorted colors.
1216 Cuetec Bowtie 3 in 1 Tip Tool   

The Cuetec Bowtie is a tip scuffer, tip shaper and a tip pik all in one convenient tool. Made from aircraft grade aluminum. you'll lose it before you ever wear it out.
1217 Card of 12, Cuetec Bowtie 3 in 1 Tip Tool