Cue Balls & Specialty Balls
​4014 2 1/4" Cat's Eye Magnetic Cue Ball

Our best selling magnetic cue ball. Priced right and plays great.
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4015 Orange Dot Dynamo Cue Ball

Dynamo tables built prior to 1993 will use a weighted (typically orange dot) cue ball. Some cue balls may have circles or dots on them to help with shot practice but may not be weighted. Dynamo tables built since 1995 will use a magnetic cue ball. Dynamo tables built between 1993 and 1995 could use either
4013 Valley Insignia Magnetic Cue Ball

The magnetic properties of the ball are in the outer shell of the ball rather than a
plug. This means better english and action for the shooter.

4013C Valley Cougar Insignia Magnetic Cue Ball

Same ball as #4013 (above) but with the Saluc logo on one side and the Valley Cougar logo on the other.
4005 Magnum Blue Circle Cue Ball

A non-magnetic cue ball that will work for any home table.
4009 2 3/8" Oversize Cue Ball

For use on a table using an automatic ball return where the cue ball is differentiated from the other balls by its size.
P-E50214 Imported Red Circle Cue Ball

Non-magnetic cue ball
4010 Aramith Red Circle Cue Ball

A high quality Belgian Aramith regulation weight, 2 1/4" cue ball. The red circle makes for a great practice ball, allowing you to see the spin on the ball.

4026 Crazy 8 Ball and 4028 Crazy Cue Ball

Slip these balls onto the table and watch the fun begin. Either ball is weighted to make it not roll straight. 
4000 Aramith Pro Cup Cue Ball

The Aramith Pro Cup Cue Ball has six red dots that allow you to see the spin of the cue ball. The Pro Cup Cue Ball has been made popular on ESPN with many of the pro tournaments.
4013P Aramith Tournament Magnetic Cue Ball

A phenolic resin 21/4" magnetic cue ball that will work on coin-op tables with a magnetic ball return. Has the purple Saluc logo on one side.