Chalk Accessories & Cone Chalk Holders
Deluxe Cone Chalk Holder

P-F10611 Oak Cone Chalk Holder
P-F10612 Mahogany Cone Chalk Holder
P-F10613 Honey Cone Chalk Holder
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P-F10650 Metal Cone Chalk Holder

Metal and wood cone chalk holder. Economical and durable.
6030 Personal Chalk Holder with Master Chalk

Plastic cube to hold one cube of chalk. Comes with one piece of Master blue.
1099 Pocket Chalker

Keep your cue chalk handy with this chalk holder.
1098 Retractable Chalk Holder

Keep your chalk close at hand and ready to use. Conveniently clips to your belt loop or pocket and extends up to 30 inches.
6204 David Hodges Quick-Clean

The official table cleaner of the U.S. Open, The Derby City Classic and the U.S. Men's Pro Tour. No brushes! No vacuums! Spray it on and wipe it off with a lint free cloth.
X1 Simonis X1 Cloth Cleaner

The X1 attracts the chalk that collects on your table. This chalk dust, if left on the table, acts like an abrasive and will eventually shorten the life of fabric.