Ball Sets
41106 Aramith Crown Standard Pool Ball Set

Aramith quality at an affordable price. A traditonal ball with the number in the field.
41104 Aramith Premier Pool Ball Set

With its classic “numbers in the stripe” look and tight cosmetic criteria, it is the perfect compromise between quality and price. Belgian Aramith Premier phenolic resin 2 1/4" diameter balls are the ultimate in billiard balls.
41107 Aramith Premium Pool Ball Set

The Aramith Premium set offers a lifetime up to 5 times longer than other materials. Each ball is controlled along 7 criteria : density, balance, diameter tolerance, sphericity, colour, surface polish and brilliance. All numbers are engraved to very tight specifications. 
41105 Aramith Super Pro Pool Ball Set

The top of the line Belgian Aramith balls. Aramith Super Pro billiard balls are the choice of pro tournaments worldwide. They are made of the highest grade Phenolic Resin which is far more durable than polyester. These billiard balls must meet 8 different quality control standards for denstiy, balance, diameter, roundness, color, gloss, hardness, and weight, measured to proffesional specifications. 
41114 Aramith Pro Cup TV Set 2 1/4"

The Super Pro Aramith Pro TV balls are designed specifically for TV viewing. The #4 and #12 balls are pink and the #7 and #15 balls are a light brown. By changing the colors of these balls it is easier for the TV viewer to determine the differences between the balls on TV. Also, this new set now includes the the Pro-Cup cue ball.
41112 Aramith Super Pro Value Pack

Includes the Super Pro ball set, Pro Cup cue ball, Aramith Ball Cleaner, Jim Rempe Training Ball and Booklet, Aramith Micro Fiber Cloth 
41113 Aramith Tournament Ball Set

The Aramith Tournament Pool Ball set is the new generation of billiard balls featuring the Duramith technology. The Duramith resin formulation with it's hi-tech engineered molecular structure, drastically enhances the longevity of the Aramith ball sets while significantly minimizing table cloth wear. 
41201 Aramith Glow In The Dark Kit

Whether you want to attract new customers to your pool room or simply want to have some real fun at home, then the Aramith fluo table conversion kits are what you need. Installable in just a couple of steps, these kits will retrofit any type or any size of table in a black light responsive table that will add magic to your game. Each kit includes everything you need
41119 Aramith Camouflage Ball Set

Not necessary to hunt nor to be in the armed forces to play with the Aramith camouflage set. But one thing is sure, the game is raised to the next level : a combat mission. The Aramith Camouflage set features a beautiful up-to-date camo design, and belongs to the Aramith Add-Ons range. 
41118 Aramith Stone Ball Set

These balls seem to come from the flintstone age and give another very attractive dimension to your home billiard table. 
P-E10214 BW Deluxe Economy Ball Set

This is an imported Grade A ball set made from a stone resin compound. Comes with an art number. Our best selling ball set!
P-E35218 Imported 2 1/8" Bumper Pool Balls
41109 Super Aramith Deluxe Carom Ball Set, 61.5mm

The Super Aramith Deluxe set, along with the Super Aramith Tournament, are the only balls officially approved for carom tournaments. This set includes one solid red, one solid white and one solid white engraved with a red circle.
41202 Super Aramith Pro Cup Carom Ball Set 61.5mm

This is the top of the line set from Aramith. Made of the patented phenolic material that the Saluc company developed almost 50 years ago. This set has the 6 red dots on the white and yellow balls which allow you to see every spin of the ball and help improve your understanding of the game. 
41108 Super Aramith Tournament Carom Ball Set 61.5mm

The Super Aramith Tournament set, just as the Super Aramith DeLuxe set, is the only one officially approved for carom tournaments. To better distinguish the balls, the Tournament set is designed with a yellow ball that replaces the second white one.
41110 Aramith Premier American Snooker Ball Set 2 1/4"
41111 Aramith Premier American Snooker Ball Set 2 1/8"

Made from the famous Aramith phenolic resin, the balls are a combination of unique craftsmanship and high-technology providing consistent superior quality. Perfectly round and balanced, uniform weight and hardness, brilliant colours, friction resistand roll and reaction are just a few of the key features that Aramith its worldwide reputation as the premiere ball. Includes all 21 snooker balls plus cue ball.
4004* Replacement Balls

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